Real-time Behavioral Marketing

Cart abandonment ++, email personalization, web personalization, real-time targeting

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Real-time shopping cart abandonment

Triggered Messaging is the best in class for shopping cart abandonment emails. Identify people abandoning shopping carts and browse sessions and send highly personalized emails to call them back:
  • Real-time, because "you snooze, you lose"
  • Identifies and contacts many more shoppers. For example, we can email 4 times as many as systems built using Magento plug-ins. Shoppers don't need to log in to their shopping cart to be tracked
  • Start with abandonment emails, then easily upgrade to personalize all your email campaigns and website
  • Cart abandonment, browse abandonment, form abandonment, account creation abandonment, process abandonment and post-purchase welcome programs
  • Advanced real-time email personalization, not just cart contents
  • Keeps you in control by using your existing ESP for email designs and email lists
Customers who use cart and browse abandonment emails get 12% extra online sales.

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Real-time content for marketing emails

Real-time data and dynamic content to personalize all marketing emails from your existing email marketing platform (ESP). Show email subscribers highly relevant content quickly and easily:
  • Individual browsed content and recommendations
  • Crowd sourced content such as trending products
  • Product level content such as new products
  • Open-time formatting of product feeds, count-down timers and stop press announcements in emails.
Leverage real-time data in your ESP with no "big" data challenges. Segment and personalize using:  
  • Browse behavior
  • Transactional data
  • Device usage

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Real-time dynamic web content

Pull real-time personalization through into your customer's web experience to make every visit to your website relevant to the individual browser. Choose from a range of content options to benefit from real-time web personalization at an incredible price point. This is accessible and highly effective behavioral merchandising.
  • Individual product recommendations based on browse behavior
  • Product level content for natural cross selling
  • Crowd sourced content for identifying and leveraging trending products
  • Real-time formatting of product feeds, count-down timers and stop press announcements.

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Segment customers in real-time

Greatly improve the ROI of your regular email marketing, by personalizing content and contact frequency, without an expensive marketing database.Triggered Messaging turbo-charges your ESP with profile data that is updated in real time as behaviors are observed on your ecommerce website. You can segment and personalize just like the biggest ecommerce companies do, but at a fraction of the cost. Real-time targeting can:
  • Segment using real-time data in your ESP
  • Enhance your ESP’s dynamic content functionality
  • Filter recovery emails based on specific customer profile
  • Personalize content in recovery emails

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Triggered Messaging supports the email service providers below (or you can use our free QuickStart ESP).

It also supports the ecommerce systems below out of the box. And if you have a different system, even a custom cart, then we can almost always support it with a few hours' work. Just install the script on your site and let us handle it.

To get going you add one line of HTML script to your ecommerce pages, fill in a few forms, and use your existing ESP or our free QuickStart ESP to design some good-looking recovery emails.

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