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Triggered Messaging content and your existing ESP - a marriage made in heaven!

Choose real-time content for your marketing emails from a range of smart blocks and real-time feeds. This content is automatically displayed in your marketing emails giving you effortless, highly relevant content that engages subscribers and increases conversions from all marketing emails. Real-time content feeds are available in three flavors:

  • Individual level content reflects what an individual subscriber has been doing on your website and covers browse activity, transactional activity, products carted and abandoned.
  • Crowd sourced content comes from website wide activity and allows feeds to be used to show hot or trending products.

Triggered Messaging gives you full control over the content feeds being used in marketing emails. You can change any element of the how the feed is presented including styles, heading, summary etc...


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Real-time data for marketing emails

Most ESPs provide some dynamic content and segmentation functionality although the way that these features can be applied depend entirely on the data available. For years dynamic content has been mainly driven by standard profile data, sometimes including subscriber expressed preferences.  This is of limited use for improving engagement.

Triggered Messaging feeds rich transactional and behavioral data directly into your ESP in a way that makes the data useable for segmentation and personalisation with your ESPs standard features.  Without any big data heavy listing, your ESP immediately becomes able to work off rich data as if you had a real-time single customer view.

Triggered Messaging passes "Triggered Analytics" to your ESP.  These are values or segments that are automatically updated in standard fields in your ESP and include:

  • Transactional information
  • Web behavior
  • New customer
  • Lapsed customer
  • Enganged customer
  • Mobile devices used
  • Carted products
  • Abandoned products

Imagine being able to target loyal customers that haven't purcahased for some time that are highly engaged with your website now. How about dropping a dynamic message into your newsletter for 1st time customers? 

Triggered Messaging makes this level of personalization very easy in your existing ESP.

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Most marketers can access data on email engagement: who is opening and clicking on links within an email. But this is very limited: even your best customers will rarely click. The real valuable metric is online sales, where you can get 100x as much data about shopper preferences and behavior and can segment much better.

Large ecommerce companies have invested huge amounts of money in marketing databases to aggregate web behavioral and transactional data with email, so that customers and prospects can be segmented effectively. This kind of integration project can be huge and is beyond the reach of many.

Data technology has evolved. Now with Triggered Messaging there is another option for creating segments for online marketing and it doesn’t need an expensive marketing database.

Triggered Messaging works with your ESP to provide segments that are updated in real time as behaviors are observed. You can segment and personalize like the biggest ecommerce companies, at a fraction of the cost.


The insight needed to personalize communications is similar to that required to create a segment, only there is an added dimension. How do you scale highly relevant content?

Triggered Messaging builds a product database as web visitors browse your website. This includes both individual data, such as recently browsed and carted products, and crowdsourced data such as trending products. This is then made available for effective email marketing with your existing ESP.

Choose from a range of pre-formatted types of dynamic content, such as top-selling products, or the shopper's current cart contents, all displayed in real time when an email recipient opens an email. It has never been easier to create highly relevant dynamic content.

Up-to-the-minute Data

Everything works better if your data is fresh. Nothing succeeds like a timely attempt at engagement, relevant to what shoppers are doing now. And nothing fails like attempted engagement that's too late, because they have already moved on.

Triggered Messaging is entirely real-time and takes decisions automatically, so engagement simply works better.

Contact us for a demonstration of what you can achieve with our help. We will help you improve your email marketing and generate additional revenue, while saving you time.

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